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This website is dedicated to our Grandma, Paula Fiebrich, and our Mom and Dad, Isabel and Jimmy Fiebrich. They supported a young man’s dream and tolerated his “crazy” and their love and support turned into a passion that’s become a huge part of my life. Grandma, Mom and Dad have all passed on and we miss them everyday but I’m forever grateful to them for supporting- or tolerating- my passion. 

About 25 years ago, my Grandma sold a Hereford bull that wouldn’t stay home and I convinced her to let me replace him with a registered Texas Longhorn bull. Everyone thought I was a little crazy but they knew I was excited about it and supported- or tolerated - me. I’m not sure which. The bull was a big brindle beauty and Grandma named him Schwarzkopf- German for “black head”.

Then came our first Longhorn cow Ruby, out of a twisty horned YO Ranch beauty, then another and another….  I started researching pedigrees, going to sales and selecting preferred traits. We purchased cows with top pedigrees and AI’d our cattle to some of the best bulls in the industry at the time. Today some of our cattle still trace back to those early breeding strategies.

I still have my "day job" but together with my brother, Richard, run a small herd of registered Texas Longhorns on Grandma’s original land in Rockne, Texas, just outside of Austin. We focus on quality over quantity and breed for correct beef conformation, big twisty horn and enough color to make a Mardi Gras parade look beige.

Texas Longhorns are easy to keep, low maintenance, disease resistant and will graze on a wider variety of brush and grasses than other breeds, making them perfect for someone with smaller acreage or the “weekend rancher”. Their beef is naturally lean- actually lower in saturated fat than chicken breast- and our cattle are all Hill Country free-range. Longhorns are gentle, intelligent animals and all our cattle are "eat out of your hand" friendly.

There’s nothing more majestic than a Texas Longhorn walking across the pasture and I can watch them all day long. I’m always afraid someone’s going to cause an accident pulling over to take pictures of our cattle….but I cant really blame them.

Another one of the blessings of raising Longhorns has been getting to work with some of the amazing people in this industry. We’ve gotten to know some incredible ranchers and breeders over the years and I'm so blessed to connect with people who are as passionate and enjoy “talking Longhorns” as much as I do. We're very proud of our cattle and always enjoy chatting with other breeders or enthusiasts.

We hope you enjoy looking at our herd and please let us know if something interests you. We have top quality breeding stock and beautiful trophy steers for sale year round.

Michael Fiebrich
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